Thursday Things

Hello, readers.

Here is a list because.

1) June is LGBT pride month. And this weekend is pride weekend in Nashville. A group of us will walk and I’ve been told that others, possibly rollergirls, will roll. It could be a whole big thing. There will also be karaoke.

2) I discovered there is a thing such as a dalek ballerina tumblr

3) Friend of the awesome, Sam J. Miller, is recommended reading in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014.

4) I’m on the cusp of addiction to Orphan Black and its existential hotness. Here are words with the show’s science consultant at Think Progress. And io9 talking about an essay concerning nature vs. nurture and “our genes do not define who we are” which said science-type person wrote called “Variability and Perturbations of the Spiral Universe Inside Us” which is most likely amazing and which I will not read because I don’t want to spoil future awesome.

5) I am inside of a day where everything seems possible and also I read a lot about pan amalgamation, which is what they used to do to separate gold, or silver, from ore. The process being to mix rocks with mercury in a pan and from this amalgamation you might get something shiny.

That is all.

Happy Thursday, readers.


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