On London, Vlogs, and Everything

Hello, readers.

A few things of note.

1) The Red Volume, the anthology created by me and my fellow Awkward Robots of Clarion 2012, is go! 17 awesome stories of weirdness, wonder, and terror (also, possibly, love) written by 17 awesome people who are also, by turns, full of weirdness, wonder, terror, and love. One of these stories is mine. And it’s a musical with rodeo clowns, cowboys, and a ghost.

We put this thing together to support the Clarion foundation which is a great bunch of people who put together, every year, a great bunch of professional writers and soon-to-be professional writers and let them go at each other on the campus of UCSD. It was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ve come out of it with a family of awesome that will go forth and be awesome and we wanted to give back so that more awesome could happen for more awesome people.

Enough awesome.

Go here: https://gumroad.com/l/awkbotsred


Give what you want. If you want the thing for free, take it for free. If you want to pay, know that the proceeds (after Gumroad fees) will go to the Clarion foundation and that you are awesome.

One last awesome in there.

2) I’ve started vlogging. I love it. I get to yell at the world about all the things what I love, fear, and wonder about.

Here’s my latest video:



3) A few weeks ago, I arrived in London, but did not stay there for very long. With EG driving a car hire (or hired car)–which is how Brits refer to rental cars–we drove west to Oxford for the 80th birthday celebration of EG’s aunt. Oxford is a gorgeous city wherein there was more greenery than I imagined. There is the university, yes, and the walls are bricked with narratives of time and whatnot, and there are the cobblestone streets where Tolkien and Lewis walked, but there is also so much countryside surrounding the areas that it’s easy to imagine Tolkien and Lewis walking as much, or more, out here in the green lanes.

IMG_2648 IMG_2642 IMG_2664IMG_2843 IMG_2802 IMG_2793

My first vlog covers a bit of the journey to London, but as far as Oxford, I’ve not put that together yet into a video that is watchable. We’ll see if it happens. Something always happens.



Happy Monday, readers.

Go read some stories:



Thursday Things

Hello, readers.

Here is a list because.

1) June is LGBT pride month. And this weekend is pride weekend in Nashville. A group of us will walk and I’ve been told that others, possibly rollergirls, will roll. It could be a whole big thing. There will also be karaoke.

2) I discovered there is a thing such as a dalek ballerina tumblr

3) Friend of the awesome, Sam J. Miller, is recommended reading in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014.

4) I’m on the cusp of addiction to Orphan Black and its existential hotness. Here are words with the show’s science consultant at Think Progress. And io9 talking about an essay concerning nature vs. nurture and “our genes do not define who we are” which said science-type person wrote called “Variability and Perturbations of the Spiral Universe Inside Us” which is most likely amazing and which I will not read because I don’t want to spoil future awesome.

5) I am inside of a day where everything seems possible and also I read a lot about pan amalgamation, which is what they used to do to separate gold, or silver, from ore. The process being to mix rocks with mercury in a pan and from this amalgamation you might get something shiny.

That is all.

Happy Thursday, readers.



It has been a very long time since I played any video games, but, recently, watching my partner indulge her puzzler in the puzzles of the beautifully designed Machinarium, I thought to myself, “Oooh. Cool.”

And then I remembered that I had downloaded Limbo a few months ago because my partner told me it was a cool game.


And it is AMAZING. A lovely combination of mystery, terror, and beauty. Sometimes you die in scary ways. Sometimes you swing among ropes and turn the whole world upside down.

The thing that’s cool about Limbo, beyond the atmosphere of silhouettes and fog, is the sound. It creeps around you, layed, hinting. A rolling boulder coming at you from off screen. Arrows or spears loosed and falling. Rain. God, the rain. It’s beautiful.

The thing about video games that I forgot is how much they honed, maintained, and sometimes dominated my focus. After playing Limbo for a few days, I found myself more alert, more capable of concentrating on things for longer periods of time–reading, writing, etc. I suppose any activity that promotes and rewards the practice of concentration helps to embiggen such muscles. I forgot. Now I remember. You just have to throw yourself into things now and then and possibly always.


p.s. Among my list of things to play next: Machinarium, Braid, Gone Home. Any other thoughts?