Hello, readers.

I remember growing up with my sister and listening to Bob Dylan and wondering together what it would have been like to grow up in times like those. To grow up in the sixties. In a decade when the wind carried away every answer and the times seemed made of change.

I suppose, perhaps, all our wishes come true in the end. This is why we are advised to be careful in the matter of our wishes.

I suppose, too, that part of growing up is an understanding that all times are strange. That every day is interesting.

But. There is so much more of everything these days. And it feels like it is all of the time. And that it is incredibly loud and extremely close.

I’ve never struggled so much as I have this year with the seemingly simple matter of paying attention.

There arrived a point in my life where I decided to live less on the internet and more in life. This was, perhaps, a ridiculous distinction to make as life more or less exists everywhere there is conversation. These past couple of years I have, in fits and starts, reacquainted myself with the internet and the spirit that invented this place—a way to stay connected when everything else in the world seemed on the verge of falling apart.

And now here I am and here we all are.

Which is to say. Happy new year, everyone.

I hope for you in this coming year many days in which you find yourself wild and rooted, lost and found, and ever so curiously alive. I hope you find yourself in good conversation. I hope you find yourself kissed with love and kindness and wonder. I hope you find yourself wherever you need to be found.

The world has before it a great many seemingly impossible things to accomplish.

So, I hope, too, that you find time this year to practice believing in all manner of impossible things. I hope somewhere in there you find those things which, for you, are worth believing in.

I hope that you believe wholeheartedly in whatever of those things you choose to believe.

Take care, friends. Good luck. And, in the words of a wise bit of fiction:

“Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.”