weird ideas about the future

Hello, readers.

It is Wednesday. The day of Odin. He that died so that he might know. Apparently he was also a shapeshifter. And unmanly in that he could tell the future. I do not know why prophecy was considered unmanly in the old days, but people used to have all kinds of weird ideas about the future. 

Here are some other things.

Thing one:

The Beatles are great. I am on something of a magical mystery tour with them.

Our first stop is Peter Jackson’s documentary, Get Back. Here we can revisit The Beatles during their time making the album that would become Let it Be. The narrative such as it is hinges around a desire some of The Beatles have (aka Paul) to do some kind of performance at the end of their recording. It has been some years since The Beatles performed in public. This was back in those days, I guess, when sometimes people at the top of their profession would step away from performing. That never happens now, of course.

My favorite part of this documentary is when people play music and smile at each other.

Our second and final stop for today is the film Across the Universe.

I saw it first in 2007 when I knew very little about The Beatles or the depth of my love for musicals. Now, in 2021, I know much more about The Beatles and my deep love of musicals.

I also discovered anew this number in which a young girl sings, “I want to hold your hand,” to a cheerleader. This is basically a documentary of my life and I kind of wish more of the film was dedicated to her story but also I am happy to have this film exactly as it is. There is a really nice scene in a bowling alley. How many films can you say that about?

Thing two.

I am also listening to these days a lot of I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats. It is probably the podcast that most often reminds me that I am lying to myself on a daily basis.

Thing three.

I don’t know if there is a third thing but let’s pretend there is and that it is a mysterious secret. A secret so mysterious that it reminds me of this one collection of stories by Jack Pendarvis called, The Mysterious Secret of the Valuable Treasure. Man, that is one great book. I wonder what people will think in fifty years when they discover this blog post. Probably they will just be happy to know that somewhere, someone fifty years ago liked Jack Pendarvis just like they do. That’s mostly what the internet is for, right? Discovering our mutual love for those things that make us feel alive. 

p.s. Jack has a new book out called Sweet Bananas. Here’s an interview he did with another awesome writer named Bill Boyle.

Thing four.

I am going to watch Steven Universe now. It is a very good show and somehow it often lasts something less than twelve minutes. What a world.

Happy Wednesday, readers. 

Best of luck with the end of your year. Celebrate all that you can. Let go of the rest. Remember that the best way to see the future is to open your heart.