getting ziggy with it

Hello, readers.

It’s Tuesday. A couple days ago it was a different day and Dean Stockwell died. He was a large part of my childhood. My sister had a big crush on him. We used to watch Quantum Leap every week with my parents. It was a show like a lot of shows at that time in which a traveler went around helping people. Shows like Highway to Heaven, for example, or Touched by Angel. I suppose Doctor Who also fits into this category. But not Lassie. That dog had a home. In this genre, I’m afraid, the person helping others has to themselves be lost. That’s the kicker.

In other, more interactive news, I enjoyed this strange video advertisement for a future book from Avery Hill described as an interactive graphic novel.

Also. Lists.

For example.

This list of criminally underrated crirme films by Matt Koelling. I’ve only seen a couple on the list. Out of Sight and Bound. I love those two movies so much that I’m excited to check out the rest.

Or this list of books from NPR what will demonstrate the shifting nature of science fiction in this most recent past decade.

Is Quantum Leap a science fiction show? A crime show? A biblical epic? A perfect anthology series? Yes.

Thank you for visiting. Have a good Tuesday, readers.