then you think

Hello, readers.

It’s Monday. Have you seen the moon lately? I saw it the other day low over the ocean and it was pretty exciting. Just this huge rock floating in the sky. It’s crazy.

In other news, some things.

Thing one. I enjoyed this one segment of On the Media’s episode, “The Science Fiction Origins of the Metaverse,” in which many wonderful science fiction things were discussed in a conversation about the science fiction habits of certain CEOs such as you might imagine given the title, Mark Zuckerberg. Featured guests included Annalee Newitz, Jill LePore, and Gene Seymour. There’s some good reading suggestions in there, as well.

Thing two. I really love the title of Jeff Tweedy memoir. It’s called, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back). The book is also awesome. And, if you enjoy listening to your books, Jeff Tweedy is the narrator. He has an excellent voice. He should think about starting up a band.

Thing three. This film Belfast and this great interview with its director, Kenneth Branagh. I don’t know if it’s possible to spoil an interview but spoiler alert here is the last bit of the interview:

I may have discovered, for me at least, there’s nothing to solve. That Beckett phrase of fail, fail again, fail better is maybe one to bear in mind. But who pretends that life is one slowly ascending curve of human development? Most of the time you have to smash into something: the death, the broken relationship, the horrible career moment. Then you think, Well, what matters to me? What do I enjoy? Or even just, I’m still here.

Here is the trailer.

Thing four. Kristen Stewart is cool.

That is all.

Have an excellent week, readers.