movies for old ladies

Hello, readers.

The other day I stumbled across this movie called I Married A Witch.

It stars Veronica Lake and Frederic March. 

Here is Veronica and her father on a broom.

The plot is that Veronica and her father want revenge on the man whose ancestor murdered them both during the Salem witch trials. It happens through a bit of happenstance that Veronica ends up accidentally in love with this man on whom she is meant to enact vengeance. 

Here is Veronica using the stairs as sometimes witches are wont to do.

Francois Truffaut had this to say of Clair’s films: “Clair makes films for old ladies who go to the cinema twice a year.”

Things I discovered in the aftermath of this film:

Thing one: Veronica Lake’s hair was a whole thing. It was known as the “peek-a-boo” look. It is the look of Jessica Rabbit. 

Thing two: I Married a Witch is based on a novel somewhat by Thorne Smith who, according to the internet, “is best known today for the two Topper novels, comic fantasy fiction involving sex, much drinking and ghosts.” Smith did not actually finish the novel on which I Married a Witch is based due to his reaching a state of death that proved inconvenient. Another writer finished the book without incident. 

In summary: