shrinking lonesome

Hello, readers.

I discovered this series of live recordings called Gems on VHS. It’s put together by a Nashville-based human named Anthony Simpkins. I watched today this video featuring Sabine McCalla singing a song called “Tall Lonesome Cowboy.”

The name of this song reminds me of that famous last shot from The Searchers in which John Wayne walks off in a sad sort of way. Here is a GIF of that scene in case you only understand things these days if they come in GIF format (and also if you don’t mind being spoiled or reminiscing about a thing already seen):

The other thing I have discovered recently is that if you watch a Wong Kar Wai film every night for six nights in a row then you will be visited by memories of your first sensual experiences. I do not have any GIFs of these memories, I’m afraid, and so they will remain inexplicable to a modern day audience.

Here, though, from Days of Being Wild is Leslie Cheung performing something of a re-enactment of one of those memories.

Finally, the other day I thought about this scene from The Incredible Shrinking Man in which the man gets exposed to a mysterious gas. I thought about this scene not because I have been mysteriously shrinking, but because it turned out that from mid-February until mid-May, I was being exposed to a not all that mysterious gas called Carbon Monoxide and its effects can linger on up to 3 months after one’s period of active poisonment has ended. So. You know. Two things.

  1. If my posts these last months seemed to portend one kind of doom or another, don’t worry! You were right. But it’s getting better.

  2. And by mid-to-late August I might be back to my old self. Not that I believe so much exactly in the linear nature of time or a fixed identity. Still. Fingers crossed.

Also. Thao Nguyen, amazing human and writer and musician, has this amazing newsletter and you should know about it and now you do.

Happy Friday, readers.