ocean avenue

Hello, readers.

I discovered this morning there is a version of Beauty and the Beast in which one can find singing and dancing and Rebecca De Mornay.

In other news, great writer Bill Boyle talks shop in this new column by Eli Cranor called Shop Talk.

There’s great stuff here about coffee and laptops and the discipline of desperation. My favorite thing is this thing that Bill quotes by Willy Vlautin.

“Always be a fan first.”

I love this. And I love Bill.

Speaking of fandom and love. I discovered today that Heath Ledger produced in his characterization of The Joker such an embodiment of terror that when Michael Caine first encountered him in a scene he was too scared to remember any of his lines.

I loved The Dark Knight a lot when it came out. I saw it five times in the theater. It’s coming back to theaters in London this summer. Perhaps I will visit it again. Time transforms love, I think, but it rarely erases it.

There’s this great line Michael Chabon wrote in his story, “Ocean Avenue” and it goes like this:

“If you can still see how you could have once loved a person, you are still in love; an extinct love is always wholly incredible.”

Happy Friday, readers.