wednesday wonders

Hello, readers.

Here are some things of a nature perhaps commensurate with the human capacity for wonder.

Thing one.

Last week, I watched this one film called Dick. It made my heart sing. Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams are two of the best humans who sometimes pretend to be other humans. And, while the story reminded me a bit of Being There or Forrest Gump—in which there is cynicism and there is wonder and people stumble through history, changing its course somewhat haphazardly—this film is not exactly like that. These characters do not just bumble through history—they bumble and they learn and they make choices and take action against what they see as wrong.

I love the energy of this film so much.

Thing two.

Taylor Swift and Stephen Colbert argue about whether or not her song, “Hey, Stephen” is about Stephen Colbert.

Thing three.

I have asked a group of complete strangers to come together with me this Saturday sunset and read a short thing what meant a lot to them during the pandemic.

I know what I will read but I am going to keep it a secret because secrets, particularly temporary and unimportant ones, are fun.

Thing four.

I started this blogging thing a great many years ago when I started blogging for the Ole Miss literary journal. You can visit this original blog here.

It is strange to think that, in one way or another, this blog is the diary I never kept as a child. It is a diary with no lock and perhaps a lot of heart.

Speaking of which.

This is a great thing in which Olivia Laing talks about reparative art and Derek Jarman.

That is all for now, dear readers.

Happy Wednesday.