fearfully and wonderfully made

Hello, readers.

Earlier today, I watched this clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In it, television pastor and possible Tyler Durden protégé, Joel Osteen refers to a bible quote that speaks of the works of god as fearfully and wonderfully made.

I’ve started the process of thinking about writing a new story. This involves listening to a lot of different voices in my head and writing them down without editing. There’s always a moment in the process of writing where something like a story begins to take shape in the writer’s head and it’s so awesome, but then a part of them wants to stop because they’re scared that in the process of excavating the story from their head and onto the page, it will all fall apart.

But, well.

Fearfully and wonderfully.

Maybe that’s the only way to make things that matter.

Happy Wednesday, readers.