dinosaurs dancing forever

Dear readers,

Today, it’s clear and cool and windy. I feel elated to have finished a second draft of my book and certain that it’s not good enough. Also, two days ago I worried over the possibility that no one would say anything at my funeral. Possibly because I outlived everyone? Or, possibly, because so many of my friendships exist with people that live on the other side of oceans. Probably the best solution is to not die. I don’t think anyone’s figured that out, yet. People have been working on it for some time, though. Mark Twain once said that, “life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.”

In other news, EG and I have decided to do a podcast in which we drink cocktails and talk about short stories and life and stuff. We’ve already recorded several. Look for those to exist in a form to which you can listen soon.

Or, well, don’t look for it. Best to keep your mind on the present, really. The future will get here soon enough.

Meanwhile, the past keeps catching up with us, as well. Did you know dinosaurs danced? Neither did I. But, very possibly, they did.

Happy Tuesday, readers.