tumbled sky

Hello, readers.

It is Wednesday. The Margate sky is some kind of blue I might best describe as gemstone. Did you know that sometimes gemstones are tumbled and these are known as tumbled stones?

In other news. My sister sent along this link to Neko Case’s appearance on Substack. It is called Now Entering the Lung, and there is adult language and also much joy.

It’s a whole big thing now. Substacks. I’ve been traveling along in creativity with Jeff Tweedy and Thao Nguyen for a while, now, in their newsletters respectively titled Starship Casual and For the Record. Here is an article from March 9th of this year about what a musician is doing on Substack, called What’s A Musician Doing on Substack?. It is an article written by Thao.

Here is an extensive quote which I have pulled much in the way of a mime pulling a rope in that I have not really pulled anything at all.

I am one of so many for whom 2020 was a great saboteur, but also a great clarifier. Until recently, making records has been quite harrowing for me. Almost everything I’ve made over the last several years has been a very personal excavation, heavy things that needed to be carved out and released. It was necessary for me to write those songs, but the processes were painful enough to compromise my relationship to making and releasing music. But now! Through the tumult of last year, I am freer and lighter and want to talk about, practice, and share music as I never have before. I aspire to be more like those prolific writers and composers who are always creating and releasing art, not because a deal dictates they should, but because they do not hamstring themselves with over-analysis, preciousness, or perfectionism. I want to be far less pensive and participate at a speed that is well beyond my proven pace. I want to make songs without knowing whether or not they will end up on my next album. For the Record is an exploration of what kind of artist I want to be moving forward.

Speaking of artists that do not hamstring themselves, here’s a reminder of that one time Japanese Breakfast published a song everyday for the month of June. This project was called June.

During the pandemic, I made up a prompt and wrote to that prompt a flash sort of fairytale everyday for a few months. Here is one such tale. Enjoy.

Prompt for this tale: Write a 200 word story about smartphones, a forest, and a bear.

In the forest was a bear. The bear was not like other bears. The forest was not like other forests. The bear was an accountant. The forest was a city. The bear accounted for what was by others lost and found. The bear did not in counting what others had found and lost feel either found or lost. The bear watched tv and the bear looked into its phone trying to be found and trying to be lost and the bear found that the feeling of being lost or found felt more and more like a dream, and, so, the bear decided to stop accounting for things. The bear decided to stop watching and looking.

The bear decided instead to dream.

So, the bear went into hibernation.

And the bear slept for a long time.

And the bear dreamed many dreams.

After a long winter of sleeping and dreaming, the bear came out into the city that was a forest and everyone was like and not like themselves.

Happy Wednesday, readers.


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