the day before the revolution

Hello, readers.

Today, I bought a chair for my new desk. It turns out what I was looking for in a chair was a stool.

In other news, I discovered this on Nerdist.

Why are we as humans so delighted hearing things we have known in ways we’ve never imagined? Perhaps this question answers itself. These are my favorite sorts of questions.

Yesterday I listened to the Baby Driver soundtrack and this led me to listening to some Sky Ferreira. I have also been listening a lot to Marina. It has been a very long time since there was a world in England where one could imagine going out and doing things. I think we’re all a bit rusty. I think it helps sometimes listening to people whose songs call on you to move.

One of the first people who ever inspired me to move was probably Levar Burton. That guy flew around in space, wore cool glasses, and he knew what an amazing trip it was to read and imagine being other than you are. He’s apparently possibly a new host of Jeopardy. I might watch. I might first listen to him read some short stories.

I hope wherever you are, readers, that you have the right support beneath you. I think sometimes of a thing Lynda Barry said of those formless things that give things form. It reminds me of how being grounded helps the sparks fly.

Happy Thursday.