the world on glass

Hello, readers.

Things are happening in the world. Important things. The things below are not that important, really. But they are things. And they were, at one time or another, happening.

Thing one.

Soy sauce. Totally still a thing. Apparently, it began happening in the Japanese town of Yuasa during the 13th century. Here’s a video about that by Mile Nagoka. (via

Thing two.

A lot of people take pictures with their phone. I am one of those people. Though I try not to call my phone a phone. I try to call it an astrolabe. I am mildly successful at this. If you ever wondered how to take better pictures with your phone (and by phone I mean astrolabe, and by astrolabe I mean an iPhone) then Apple’s made several small videos, in the shape of a phone screen, to help you understand how to better capture the world on glass.

Thing three.

Storyological. This week. An episode entitled:


In which we discuss:

The Debutante by surrealist adventurer hero person Leonora Carrington, anthologized in What Did Miss Darrington See, (originally published in 1936).


An Unborn Visitant by the real-life inspiration of Orlando and also the real-life person Vita Sackville-West, anthologized in What Did Miss Darrington See, (originally published in 1932).

We did a thing where we picked two stories from the same book. We do that sometimes.

Thing four.

Next week we will be in the United States of America. I will take a look under the hood while I’m there and see if I can spy what the trouble is.

Happy Friday, readers. And good luck.