this moment in which I hang my laundry in a timeless and universal manner

Hello, readers.

Here are some things upon which to ponder on this hopefully not terribly too ponderous Wednesday.


Thing one.

Someone illustrated the Terms and Conditions of iTunes. I bet you didn’t know you wanted someone to do that. That’s the best thing, really. When people do something unexpectedly wonderful.

Terms and Conditions by R. Sikoryak, Drawn & Quarterly.


Thing two.

The washing’s done. I should go take care of that. I can see how this might not seem entirely relevant to you. But, for me, though, it seems relatively relevant. Plus, maybe by sharing this moment of my actual right now really real life with you it will create a sense like we’re all in this together. Like this moment belongs to all of us. This moment in which I hang my laundry in a timeless and universal manner.


Thing three.

From The Washington Post: Lockheed Martin says it is ready to hand over laser weapon to U.S. Army for testing

Laser weapons. Just what the world needed.


Thing four.

This book, Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, which Michiko Kakutani reviewed in the New York Times:

By mixing the real and the surreal, and using old fairy-tale magic, Hamid has created a fictional universe that captures the global perils percolating beneath today’s headlines, while at the same time painting an unnervingly dystopian portrait of what might lie down the road. The world in “Exit West” is, in many respects, an extrapolation of the world we live in now, with wars like the one in Syria turning cities into war zones; with political crises, warp-speed technological changes, and growing tensions between nativists and migrants threatening to upend millions of lives.


Thing five.

No new Storyological episode this week. But we’ve already made some three dozen episodes, so now’s a good time to listen to one of those if you haven’t already.


Happy Wednesday, readers.