on pizza, existential angst, and listening

Hello, readers.

Here are some things for the beginning of your March. This being the only March you will ever experience in 20171.


Thing one.

I’ve started using this relatively new bit of transcripting software called Trint. It would never have occurred to me to think about transcripting software until E.G. and me started Storyological. And then someone we love told us that they have trouble with listening to recorded voices. And then I thought. Oh. Right. Of course. Lot’s of people have trouble listening to things. So, I googled. I found these people. You upload audio. It creates a transcript more or less accurate with some understandable misses of words not in the dictionary such as, you know, Storyological. The cool thing is that it’s easy to listen to the audio and correct the transcript as you go. The audio and text are in sync. And you can play the audio in slo-motion if that helps.

Here’s a screenshot from the transcript-in-progress2  for Storyological 2×02.

Pizza. Existential angst. Friendship. That’s good listening, Trint.

Here’s a link to the latest Storyological transcript for Storyological 2×01 – The Importance of Celine Dion in which we discussed stories from Amal El-Mohtar and Su-Yee Lin.


Thing two.

This amazing bit of journalism in the New Yorker profiling unaccompanied child refugees by Lauren Collins.

Europe’s Child-Refugee Crisis


Thing three.

Tomorrow, I will be seeing Julia Jacklin in concert. Here is a video for her song, Don’t Let the Kids Win.



Thing four.

President Trump spoke to a joint session of Congress last night, and, speaking of transcripts, here’s an amazing annotated version of the President’s speech from NPR.


Thing five.

Oh, I don’t know. But it’s always best to have five things. Otherwise things might get out of control. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to something thing related. Maybe not. Too many puns. I hope you have enjoyed this fifth thing, readers.

 Happy March.




  1. Or, well, the year 12017, if you are so inclined.
  2. I attempted using Trint in Safari but they didn’t like each other. So, I used Chrome. They got on better.