eastercon wrap-up

Hello, readers.

IMG_2621 (1)
the line for platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross



A six-step survival guide for EASTERCON 2015 in case you are me and end up going back in time.


1. You should take the next the train.

Be aware that the train you board with eg and sd will, alas, receive the wrong signal and end up going in the wrong direction, forcing everyone on the train to alight, cross over, go backwards, and then board and go forwards and arrive an hour or so later than they expected. So, when you meet sd on the platform, and see the train with your destination show up, skip it. Take the next one. It’ll be faster. Trust me.

IMG_2622 (1)
me and my shoes.



2. Meet all the people.

The best part of any convention is the people. Friends, old and new. People who surprise you with their energy and awesome shoes. People you’ve worked with but never met in person and so have no idea how fantastically tall they are. People you’ve read but never thought you’d meet or share Indian food with. People you’ve known only a little while but will discover new secrets about their hair and the problematics of “not presenting as geek.” Crazy cool panelists who surprise you with their collection of rubber guns and monkey’s faces. Crazy not-so-cool but totally fascinating people who wear capes and quiz you on your knowledge of dungeons and dragons. You don’t immerse yourself in crowds very much. But, you’re here now. Look. Listen. Take notes. You might end up with awesome quotes like: “It was basically sex pollen,” or “It was cool. He turned into a bird,” or “I had dinner with Yoda’s mum!”

IMG_2632 (1)
aliette de bodard reading awesome.



3. Seanan McGuire

The lady’s a troubador. Go. Listen. Enjoy the show.

the picture of a troubador



4. Don’t bother with Periscope.

Look. It’s the future. I’m traveling back in time. Live video is big. People do it. You’re not ready for it, though. You’re too self-conscious to hold up your phone for any length of time worth people watching your live video of EASTERCON. Maybe, someday when they allow people to volunteer to periscope panels and get to set up a tripod.

IMG_2634 (1)
the girl with a fake fireplace.



5. Be prepared to ask ridiculous questions of yourself and the people sitting next to you during panels that feature people saying things that bug you in the best and most interesting ways

Such as. Why does everyone always assume robots possess no morality? Did they not see that tear in T2? Or, if they’re robots from outer space, who built them? And if no one built them, doesn’t that mean they’re aliens?

truth, justice, and the home office w/charlie stross, jim butcher, and a woman whose name they forgot to put in the program. 😦



6. You don’t have to eat according to a regular schedule, but you should probably drink more.

Look. It’s totally fair to eat Indian food for dinner, and lunch, but also there’s fruit and rice cakes and granola. It’s portable. And healthy. And less likely to result in a bag full of curry sauce and a food box full of dry vegetables.

Also. Carry a bottle of water. Keep it full. Drink it. Dehydrated con-goers are sad con-goers.

putting fantasy into history, and history into fantasy. w/kari spelling, jacey bedford, ce murphy, tiffani angus, and clearly a fifth person not in the program. eastercon, look into an app next time^^



7. Surprise

Be careful how much cash you carry. There are usually book stores at cons, and, at this one, there’s a used book store where you can buy 5 books for 5 pounds. You don’t have enough space in your bag for the amount of books you want to buy.

Happy fandom, readers.