snow and things

Hello, readers.

Some things of note.

Thing 1

Strange Horizons, that treasure chest chock full of punk selkies, queer robots, and other such speculative gold, released their readers’ poll for the best of 2014. Many wonderful stories and writers were nominated. I was lucky enough to find myself among the year’s favorite reviewers. Go here. Look at the lists. Read stuff.

Thing 2

A new crop of videographical interfaces, otherwise known as vlogs, otherwise known as a chronicle of the mess one can make of their hair in three minutes and thirty-three seconds, have started appearing.

Check out the first new video here, in which I decide to name my video channel hug your monsters because:

And the latest one here:

And be on the look out for more videos every other Wednesday.

Psst. You can Subscribe here.

Thing 3

The better part of January and February found me in Nashville, visiting my sister, and friends, and tinkering around with various projects, such as the vlog, the novel, and another thing which will not be included in this list of things but may be discussed at some future date in which other things, such as this thing, might be discussed. It snowed a lot my last week in Nashville. It prevented me from flying home to EG, but it also gave me and my sister a few extra days to sled and Mario Kart, to get out old vinyl and listen to Jimi Hendrix. Not a bad deal.




Thing 4

More soon. And always.