sunny spells and cloudy bits

Hello, readers.

One of the things about England is the weather. The weather is one of the things about everything, of course. Even space has weather. Scientist call it space weather. Scientists are brilliant.

The thing about the thing about England that is weather is that it varies quite markedly from street to street, sometimes from shop to shop. Such that one might walk into one side of a shopping mall having exited from a sunny day, and then walk out the other side of the mall, ten minutes later, into fog. Perhaps even some torrential rain. EG says that the way weather forecasts occur in England says a lot about the country, and the necessity of indefiniteness. A man, she says, stands on the screen, waving his hand noncommittedly about the country, proclaiming that here, “We may seen some sunny spells, and over here, a few cloudy bits.”

Occasional weather, readers. OCCASIONAL WEATHER. I will stop shouting now. Yesterday, I shouted STAR WARS at someone in a text and nearly gave them a heart attack. I’m sorry about that.

Here are some things you should be consuming over the weekend:

1) Kenneth: A User’s Manual by Sam J. Miller

2) 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

3) South Korea fall scenery by drone.

4) One Gram Short by Etgar Keret

5) Margaret Stackhouse, a fifteen-year-old at the time, gives her thoughts about 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick said of them, at the time:

“Margaret Stackhouse’s speculations on the film are perhaps the most intelligent that I’ve read anywhere, and I am, of course, including all the reviews and the articles that have appeared on the film and the many hundreds of letters that I have received. What a first-rate intelligence!”

Happy Friday, readers.

Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch.

If nothing else, at least occasionally.