Hello, readers.

Winter in London. Thicker coats. Colder rain. Denser fog. The sun sets earlier than you think. The darkness always takes you by surprise. Except, you know, eventually it doesn’t. Sooner or later you learn.

Some things I notice when reading a book like The Perks of Being a Wallflower

1) Letters are good. Both the ones contained in words and the ones that contain words.
2) Books remind me of me.
3) Books remind me of other people.
4) Books remind me of time.
5) Books remind me of lot’s of things. They give me the time and space to remember. They help me imagine things other than they are, and other than me.

Here are other things I’m reading which will probably not result in me making lists of a sad/happy nature.

The Atlantic on self-segregation

HuffPost on white privelege

The Guardian reporting some news

I have to go buy a pie plate now in which to later make pie. Yeah.