Evidence of Autumn

Hello, readers.

It’s Friday, the day of Fries, or, wait, I’m being told by my brain that the ‘fri’ in Friday doesn’t refer to fries, but, in fact, refers to Freya or, possibly, Frigga. Frigga being the Goddess of Clouds. Freya being the Goddess of Love. Possibly they were the same person. You can’t tell with gods.

Other things of note.

On Tuesday, at The Phoenix, the Liars’ League gathered and delivered 6 stories of slashing and burning in honor of Halloween. These included stories about abused children, armies of rats, and a great deal of horrors that lurk beneath the baseboards of various establishments. The last story delivered a delightful twist on the theme of the night, presenting a slash-fic full of a fiery tangle of passion between Kirk, Spock, Han, Harry, and many other corners of fandom.

Also, Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates the not terribly often recognized contributions of women to our current, possibly dystopian, world of technological wonderterror. NPR has a lovely write-up of such humans as Ada Lovelace, herself, as well as Jean Jennings Bartik (one of the first programmers on the ENIAC—perhaps my favorite of the old-school supervillian names for computers, see also Pegasus) and Grace Hopper, Queen of Software, who realized hey, what if we programmed with words instead of numbers?

Tomorrow, EG and I venture off towards Bristol for those terrifically tangible evidences of autumn, leaves of red and gold, falling, swishing about our ankles. We will walk and talk among them, EG and I, and several generations of her family, from those not terribly able to walk or talk, to those who perform conversation and ambulation quite well, thank you. I don’t know what happened to my language there, readers. Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Note: No videographical interfacing this week, because trip. But the video life talking will reappear next week. Possibly with ghosts and ghouls, among the other things and stuff that are included in my thoughts and their tumbling across the universe.

Happy love and clouds, readers.

See you in the future.


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