Dark Heart



Hello, readers.

In publication news, one of my more recent stories will be published in the second volume of the Dark Heart anthology put out by the London-based publisher, Little Bird Publishing House. The anthology collects work from “the best emerging authors of Young Adult paranormal and urban fantasy,” and it’s rather exciting to be in a proper book for the first time. While being published on the web is just as good as being published on paper; there is something wonderfully papery about paper that reminds me I am old enough to feel nostalgic about paper.

The story is one called Jjincha, which means “really” in Korean, as in really and truly. I wrote it for the first week of the Clarion workshop. It’s a fairy tale born from my time in Seoul and my love of monsters and bridges and shadows. Here is a sentence from the story what will give you an idea about the monsters and bridges and shadows.

For some time, Kyu-bi had been sitting among the shadows beneath the Olympic bridge, waiting, as patiently as she could, for the monsters to come…

Happy Tuesday, readers.



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