Teacher’s Day

Hello, readers.

Today, November 20th, is Teacher’s Day in Vietnam. This means that I know have a great deal of roses, along with some body wash, pens, and a very nice tie. It also means that the students put on a show in a big hall for us teachers. Dances were performed to a mix of dubstep, Justin Bieber, and k-pop–not all at once, of course. There was a play about bullying, and a song or two sung as well.

As a bonus, in the teacher’s lounge, one of the teachers had her guitar, or a guitar, and with it she played some Bon Iver, Journey, and Fraggle Rock. We sang along as best we could. The room clapped for mine, and another teacher’s, rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Sitting outside at the moment with some coffee and plans of writing and reading. It will probably rain at some point, which is when I will go inside. For now, it is pleasantly wonderful.

Happy Teacher’s Day, readers.


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