Some things about me.

Hello, readers.

I am a writer, teacher, traveler, and geek living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In the past I have blogged here, and lived here. Having moved from Seoul to HCMC, and having finished and begun rewriting a book partially inspired by my time in Seoul, I thought it was perhaps time to move myself to a new home on the web. I do not know if my home will remain as it is now for very long, or if I will redecorate a bit. At the moment, the only real furnishing is the banner at the top which rotates among pictures I have taken during my travels through space and time.

Here are some things about me.

1) I love Doctor Who and have, on many occasions, instructed my students in the joyful horror of “Blink.”

2) My sister once passed to me cassette tapes containing the audio of several Monty Python sketches and that has made if not all, quite a bit of difference.

3) You can read a couple of my stories here and here, as well as one called “Some Things About Love, Magic, and Hair,” which is here and also which inspired the name of this post. Or, rather, most likely, it’s just that I love the construction ‘some things’ and recycle its use without really being aware I’m doing it until I’ve already done it.

4) I very much love words like ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ because I find the world sometimes very difficult to describe, or understand, without leaving a lot of things unsaid and rather vague.

5) I love precision.

6) I am often at conflict with myself which makes me, more or less, like all the things and stuff that have ever existed.

7) I have published many reviews at Strange Horizons which you can find by clicking the publications button up there at the top of the page underneath the picture of whatever is currently the picture.

8) You may follow me on tumblr, or twitter, goodreads, or pinterest, if your heart did ever so desire.

9) Currently, I’m reading Alif the Unseen and loving it very, very much.

10) I very much enjoy lists, which, if you know me, you already know. And if you don’t know me, now you do.

Happy Saturday, readers.

See you in the future.

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